Watermelon Shooter Games

Watermelon Shooter Games
Watermelon Shooter Games

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    26 tháng 2, 2018
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    4.0.3 trở lên
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    PEGI 16
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    1,99 € - 99,99 € mỗi mặt hàng
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    Cung cấp bởi
    Google Commerce Ltd
    Nhà phát triển
    Chính sách bảo mật
    Tap, Hyderabad, India.
Score: 4,1
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Watermelon Shooter Games is the epic new simulation of shooter games in which several watermelons are placed on different platforms and the user has to shoot all of them in a limited time period. In Watermelon Shooter Games, the player has limited bullets and hence he has to take his aim carefully and aim accurately for the target otherwise he might waste his bullets.

This is one of the best free shooting game which has wide array of weapons that can be used for destroying large amounts of round and green watermelons and splash their pulp all over the place. In this game you practice getting head shots for melon assassin games so that you become better in your skill and ability to eliminate given targets with precision and alertness.

You will have to improve your shot and develop the aim of a hunter and start hunting those juicy watermelons. This is a really great action fps which will keep pushing you forward to score more points and become a amazing professional in shooter games. Try not to tremble as you will miss your target and lose a bullet and that is a terrible loss in first person shooting game.

Sometimes the fruits are even place on moving platform and at that you will need to use your full concentration. The thrill you feel when your bullet smashed the watermelon and splatters it all over the place is amazing and refreshing. You will have a lot of fun obliterating these harmless fruits and breaking them in uncountable pieces. This is a great time killer and will keep you happy and glued to your screen for a very long time.

The levels in this game are designed to excite you with immersive game-play and thundering gun sounds which will make you want to shoot more and more. Become the best shooter in water melon shooter game and win rewards and cash price to purchase upgrades and unlock new levels to keep the thrill going on.

If you are eagerly waiting for a sequel of this game. We're happy to inform you that watermelon shooting game will be back with new levels and amazing environments in which you can become a unstoppable force of fury for poor watermelons.

Download Watermelon Shooter Games now on Google Play Store.


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