Kick the Dune Buddy

Kick the Dune Buddy
Kick the Dune Buddy

By letienhoanepu

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    28 tháng 4, 2017
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The game is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and Kick the Dune Buddy trying to pass through! If a single monster one manages to get past the pipes, then you lose the game. Get the highest score and climb the Google Play Leaderboards

My mission is to bring you happiness. Take a deep breath and dive into the underwater world. Engage in challenging and fun. Survive as long as possible by tapping everything that gets in your way!

If You're looking for a challenge game, this crush monster game is your best choice.

PLEASE NOTE! Kick the Dune Buddy is free to download and install


Play hundreds of challenging and fun.

Share your highscore to all your friend on facebook, twitter,..

Leaderboard and Achievement.

One Touch Control Easy to play: tap screen to kill the monster


Kick the Dune Buddy Kick the Dune Buddy Kick the Dune Buddy


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