City Hole

City Hole
City Hole

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Fun game

Do you wanna take fun from game? Then play City Hole now! It's arcade and very addictive and enjoyable game, immersed into common city with extraordinary possibilities!

In City Hole you are playing as black hole! Move your circle to eat everything around you! To eat the object you need to overlap it. Earn the highest score in game!

City Hole is real battle in real time. In multiplayer play have fun with other players, and beat your enemies, which are trying to do the same! Eat as much things in the city as possible.

The most black hole in the city

You are starting as small circle, start with eating the smallest things like bushes, and in the end you will be able to eat giant buildings! The more you have swallowed, the bigger black hole you are, and the more points you earn! Become the biggest and most black hole in the city and eat the whole world!

You are in beautiful low poly city with a busy life - different people and vehicles are everywhere. Also there is a park with diverse vegetation. Move in the whole city, enjoy and with fun! Note that cars moving quickly so you need to try to catch and eat them. Also there are many big objects in the town that you can't eat at beginning.

Multiplayer battle

But in the multiplayer other players are trying to intervene you! Be smarter and quirky than your enemies to win the battle! Take the most high position in the leaderboard like in others io games!


⚫ easy to control

⚫ fun and addictive

⚫ offline and multiplayer io game

⚫ beautiful low poly visual

⚫ diverse living city

⚫ highscores and leaderboard

⚫ free to play, mobile

Feel like a real world eater in City Hole! Have fun and try this arcade and free to play game right now!


City Hole City Hole City Hole City Hole City Hole City Hole City Hole City Hole


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