Free Minion Run Adventure

Free Minion Run Adventure
Free Minion Run Adventure

By Yellow Inc.

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    1 tháng 9, 2018
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engrossed in the newest game of Banana Minions of Despicable this year. the game is waiting for gamers who like fast running adventures and need agility to play it. let's play now and save your friends by collecting as many coins as possible and destroying the enemies that prevent you, by kicking and scroll. games that are dominated by HD image effects and varied forest image concepts with many enemies of various characters make you not bored in playing it.

- Pictures of beautiful forest temple

- Amazing 3D visual effects

- Smooth interface controls

- Tons of power-ups to help run crazy faster!

- Free to play nonstop games

- Get high scores and challenges your friends and family!

- Available for free!

immediately download now minion banana and invite your friends to play together. we will be very happy if you give criticism and suggestions so that we can develop this game better in the future. okay play and please carry out your actions to explore this wilderness. thanks.


Free Minion Run Adventure Free Minion Run Adventure Free Minion Run Adventure


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