Magic School

Magic School
Magic School

By Libii

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    Rooms 1318-19, 13/F, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
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Yoo-hoo! New term of our Magic School has started, and congratulations that you’re so lucky to be the chosen one! Currently, we are training next generation of powerful magicians! In our school, you can dress up in fantastic costumes and learn various Transformation Magic, at the same time, you’re given the responsibility to help the old magician look for the ancient magical formula. Wanna know how smart you’ll be? Let’s figure it out!

How to Play:

Open the game and choose a character you like to start the game. After you get into the fantastic world, firstly you need to select your own costume, wand and crucible, then you can enter the library to find out a spellbook you’re interested in. And the following step needs you to combine four kinds of materials separately -- magical potion, herbs, collections and stone! By the way, when you refine the stone, please try out the right raw gemstones by yourself because some detail of this ancient spellbook has blurred! If you unlock the items, you’ll find it much easier to make preparations. When everything is ready, you can drag all the materials into the crucible, and finally you’ll see an amazing You! Now it counts on you to master all the ancient power and let it shine!!


* 4 adorable kids from different countries to choose

* Plenty of costumes, wands and crucibles to choose from

* 9 kinds of wonderful Transformation Magic

* 4 particular materials need separate combination

* Some unknowns in the spellbooks are waiting for you to discover

* There will always be something worthy of expecting whether you enchant successfully or not

* Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know:

This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.


Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School Magic School


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