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    31 tháng 5, 2018
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    Gnik Box
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    220 XVNT, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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cheese - Chinese Chess Pro is the best Chinese Chess board game with amazing graphics, smart computer and awesome features. Specially, NO Ads, NO in-app purchase, NO casino feature, just for fun with Chinese Chess Pro 2018. Available for 5 languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Japanese.

6 people to play against in Chinese Chess Pro 2018:

- A Lucky Child (easy): He is just 9 years old.

- Pretty Girl (medium): She is beautiful, smart, and 20 years old.

- Gentleman (hard): He is handsome and 39 years old.

- Master (very hard): He is old, he is the master. You must have patience to play with him.

- Grand Master (nightmare): He is very old, and excellent at Chinese Chess Pro.

- Genius (legendary): The strongest opponent, challenge him if you are the best.

Special Features only in Chinese Chess Pro 2018:

- NO-Ads: Don't show any Advertisements in game.

- Posture mode, puzzle with Chinese Chess.

- Unlimited undo.

- Play with a Chinese or Western set.

- See all the possible and impossible moves when selecting a piece.

- Amazing UI with excellent graphics.

- Great animation.

- Great moving effect.

- Pretty sound and music.

- Sign in and view leaderboard.

Have fun playing Chinese Chess - Xiangqi Pro 2018


cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese


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